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“I would like to say a huge thank you for your help and support during what I’ve considered to be the most difficult time of my life so far. You have rebuilt my confidence and shown me what it is like to live life feeling safe, happy and confident.

I honestly never thought I would feel better, I thought there would never be a way out, but there is and you showed me that. I cannot thank you enough.” Female client, aged 24.

“Meeting with Bernadette weekly gave me the relief of allowing myself a place to come and have an outpouring of emotion – usually quite a mixed bag of emotions too! Yet she always helped me make sense of what I was sharing.

It turned out that seeing Bernadette in the lead up (to surgery) became the single most significant thing that helped me to find the emotional strength and belief, as well as the practical tools, to know that I could cope on the other side.

Bernadette isn’t just a great listener though, she has caringly steered me through the emotional and physical obstacles in my recent past, and helped me no longer view them as things that felt like obstacles, but instead into life experiences that have genuinely encouraged me to grow as a person.

She has helped me find empathy, compassion and forgiveness for myself, as well as reconciliation and compassion towards others close to me.

I will always consider my time with Bernadette as some of the most soul-enriching and emotionally healing that I could’ve been privileged to have. ” Female client, aged 33.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I thought my world had come to an end. I couldn’t accept the reassurances of family and friends, no matter how well-meaning it was. I was sceptical about counselling, but I found Bernadette’s gentle and knowledgeable approach allowed me to really look at my fears and concerns. She let me be myself and never judged me. I found I could look forward and see a future, even though it was at times painful.” Female client, aged 45.

“I would like to say how good it made me feel being able to talk through the things that I felt were causing my distress. With your help I was able to unpick the scrambled mass of information that was going round my head, a bit like a coffee table scattered with interesting magazines that have now been piled neatly in order.

The quietness of your office and of course it’s location was good too as if I could tell you all my secrets and that they would just stay there!! That helped too.

You were so calm and unstressed that it was almost like a little training session of how life should be.

I think I found you at just the right time to be able to get back on track quite quickly and I very much will not forget it. Thank you again.” Anon.